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Denmark makes Minecraft history

Publiceret 24-04-2014

In future, Danish school children can go and explore Danish nature from their computers and tablets. The Danish Ministry of the Environment has replicated Denmark in the popular computer game Minecraft.

Denmark will soon be available in 3D in the popular Minecraft computer game.This will make Denmark the first country in the world to make a scale version of itself available online.

In future, Danish school children and others will be able to record in the game plants and animals that they have seen or found in nature. They will also be able to explore nature and landscapes as they appear in real life. With “Danmarks frie geodata i en Minecraft-verden” (Danish open geodata in a Minecraft world), you can ‘go for a walk´ in the countryside anywhere in Denmark, and you can view any place in Denmark roughly in the same way as with Google Street View.

-We have constructed Denmark online in Minecraft, so that young people can plant their own forests, establish a lake, riding school, biogas plant, wind turbine, and so on. The imagination is the only the limit. This is our way of making a link between the digital and the natural worlds, said Kirsten Brosbøl, Danish Minister for the Environment.

For use in teaching

The Danish Geodata Agency has transferred its open geodata to the popular computer game Minecraft and the resulting 3D world can be used in teaching as well.

Pupils can train their spatial understanding in maths and construct sculptures, buildings etc. in art lessons. They can do this in a more real-life setting rather than a theoretical setting.

Ørestad school in Copenhagen has had great success testing a trial version.

-In the old days, the teacher would roll down the old map of Denmark in the class room and have the students slave over the names of the various regions of Denmark. With Danmarks frie geodata i en Minecraftverden, Denmark is available right there on the children’s computers or tablets, underpinning the aim of using digital solutions in teaching, said Katrin Kristensen, a teacher at Ørestad school.

Danmarks frie geodata i en Minecraftverden can also motivate pupils to go exploring in nature or in the city and bring home information to add to their Minecraft world. There are also possibilities in a cross-disciplinary setting.

- We already have good experience using Minecraft in teaching maths, for example. With the ‘real Denmark’ now available as a Minecraft world, we will have even more opportunities to stimulate learning. Pupils think it is much more fun when they are working with their own house, street, and so on, said Katrin Kristensen.

Danmarks frie geodata i en Minecraftverden is a demonstration project which will run until 23 October 2014. However, it will still be possible to download all of the files after this date.


Jens Fuglsang Edelholt, Press Officer, Ministry of the Environment, Tel. +45 91 35 69 96, email: .

Chris Hammeken, Head of Press and Communication, Danish Geodata Agency, Tel. +45 33489281, email:




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