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Welcome to the Ministry of Environment and Food

The Ministry of Environment and Food is in charge of administrative and research tasks in the area of environmental protection, farming and food production. In Denmark the administration at state level is managed by Ministry of Environment and Food. At regional and local level, much of the administrative responsibility has been delegated to municipalities.

At present mrs Eva Kjer Hansen is the Minister of Environment and Food


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  • Denmark to lead EU-China cooperation on water

    Published 13-05-2015

    Denmark has been the driving force in EU cooperation with China for the water sector. Following a request from China and the other European countries, Denmark will also lead cooperation over the next three years.

  • Nordic fashion to be the most sustainable in the world

    Published 28-04-2015

    A new textiles action plan sets out Nordic environment ministers’ vision for the Nordic fashion and textiles industry: We will lead the way in sustainable design, consumption and production.

  • Denmark opens a new national park near Copenhagen

    Published 23-02-2015

    Denmark's fourth national park, Skjoldungernes Land, has now been inaugurated and is ready to welcome visitors. Experience the legend of King Skjold, picturesque natural surroundings and culture.

Nature Agency _1170x 569

The Nature Agency is concerned with ensuring opportunities for the enjoyment of nature, as well as procting our anture and aquatic environment. The Agency is also responsible for creation, preservation and restoration of the Danish countryside.

Visit www.nst.dk

Environmental Board Of Appeal _1170x 659

The Environmental Board of Appeal is the central board of appeal for all matters relating to nature, planning and the environment. We review the practical application of the law. Our remit, taking the legal rights of citizens and enterprises into consideration, is to make the correct decisions efficiently and effectively.

Visit www.nmkn.dk

Coast Guard Pix

The Danish Coastal Authority (Kystdirektoratet) is the official coastal and port government agency - a division of the Danish Ministry of the Environment.


Visit www.kyst.dk

Environmental Protection Agency _1170x 659

The Environmental Protection Agency works to protect the environment, nature and people. The Agency administrates legislation on environmental protection, waste, soil, chemicals, pesticides, gene technology and the environmental impact of noise and air pollution caused by transport.

Visit www.mst.dk